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Blackout & Dimout Curtains & Sheers

Our light control fabrics range offers the varying grades of light protection you need.  Our blackout ranges offer guaranteed light exclusion and are available in a design-led range of stylish materials and colours.  Decorative dimout fabrics, up to 98% light exclusion , come in a range of plain and semi-plain woven materials produced with a very dense weave to create a versatile selection of opacities .  Flame retardant sheers add privacy and a new dimension to window direction.

Sheer Curtain Fabrics

Ranging from a refined organza pin stripe to a stylish linen look,      these fire retardant sheerswill add a new dimension to window        decorations.

Blackout Curtain Fabrics

Our blackout material is heavy-duty and can stand up to constant use it would recive in more public settings.  Blackout material is also fire retardant, an important consideration in buidlings such as hotels and assited living facilities, where many people are gathered and the fire risk can be high.

Dimout Curtain Fabrics

All of our decorative dimout curtains are fire retardant providing safety as well  as impeccable design.

Curtain Linings

Enhancing curtain drape, our complete range of linings improve insulation, absorb sound and decrease noise levels while protecting carpets and furnsihings from sunlight and atmospheric conditions.